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Healthcare Virtual Hiring Events

Launch a virtual hiring event quickly and effectively.

Fusion’s virtual hiring solution is all you need.

Our solution is flexible to fit your needs and supported by an experienced account manager who will guide you through the process, and even better, take much of the work off your plate. Our solution is created exclusively for healthcare employers and is backed by 10 years of leadership in healthcare recruitment marketing.

We’ve thought of everything!

Are you ready to get started with virtual interviews, but don’t know where to start? Fusion has a fully supported solution for you.

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Virtual Hiring Events Hosted and Promoted by Fusion Marketing Group and counting!



Let us help you choose the right type of event for your organization based on your target audience and objectives. Options include chat, interview and hiring events.



We know an omni-channel marketing strategy is necessary to attract the right candidates to your event. That is why we will promote your event through a variety of multi-media channels. It’s important to clearly communicate what a candidate can expect from attending your virtual event.



We offer technology that is easy and accessible to recruiters and candidates alike.  We’ll make sure that your recruiters and hiring managers are trained prior to your event so that you aren’t working out the kinks on your candidates.



It’s crucial to have a clear follow-up strategy in place for all candidates.  Let us help you ensure that you don’t let candidates fall by the wayside. They are interested, continue to nurture them through our remarketing program.

Everything you need for a successful virtual event:

Customized:  Needs assessment and a customized plan based on your objectives.

Short time commitment: Efficient, customized training for your team – no large time commitments required!

It’s done-for-you: Hands-on account manager guides you every step of the way and we do much of the work for you. Leave the coordination, promotion and execution to us. We know how busy you are!

Proven results: No need to juggle multiple vendors. We’ve selected best in class platforms and worked out the kinks. It’s a seamless solution designed for healthcare employers.

Save time: Promotion plan tailored to your objectives and budget based on Fusion’s proven events promotion track record.

Enhance your brand: We’ve created a virtual experience that meets your needs and can provide a great experience for your candidate.

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