Turn your hospital career website into a job board that you own.


Why compete on the job boards for candidates when most RNs are coming directly to your hospital website to search for jobs!

For several years, recruiters have wrestled with the question of what advertising channels were really driving candidates and hires to their career website. The data from most applicant tracking system drop down menus indicated that applicants selected “career website” as the channel that brought them to the ATS. This was discounted because the common wisdom was that there must be some paid media or advertising channel that originally brought them to the website.

Through Fusion’s research and Advanced Analytics, we have learned that 85% of visitors came directly to the career site or searched specifically for “jobs” and the employer’s name. This mirrors what is currently happening in consumer marketing where the majority of customers are also coming directly to the company website, largely without the aid of paid media. The result is an ongoing shift away from paid media and toward optimizing “owned media.” The career website is a media channel that you, the employer, own and it’s important to continually update it as your hiring needs change.

Most people who visit your career site are interested in working for you. They may have been exposed to the patient site and landed on the career site without seeing any paid advertising. So take advantage of the fact that your target audience is already on your site and put the technology in place that will result in more qualified applicants. 

Convert your home page into a marketing channel by continually changing the content to reflect your current hiring needs. Whether you are promoting an open house event, a new facility opening or openings in a specific department, your career site home page is your own billboard to reach potential candidates who are passing by. You can now customize the content based on your visitor data such as geo, type of device and if they are a returning visitor, type of job searched for or other actions taken while on your website. Career site banners promoting key openings can stay up for 30 days and result in hires for that key opening. An example from a Fusion client shows the banners and results during the time they were live on the homepage of the career site.