Improving Results from Paid Search Recruitment Advertising

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Why is search engine marketing important to healthcare recruiters?

Search engines continue to send the lion’s share of visitors to hospital career websites according to Fusion’s Advanced Analytics.  And, most RNs surveyed by Fusion Marketing Group said that they would use search engines to start their job search journey.

As a certified Google Partner, Fusion Marketing Group has a direct line to new developments in search marketing and understands how to create and manage successful campaigns.

Today we move quickly between connected devices, and throughout our day turn to search to make our lives easier and more productive.

Hey Google, Will I need an umbrella today?

Hey Google, where is the nearest coffee shop?

Hey Google, what are the best places to work for RNs?

For healthcare recruiters, search marketing can be a clinician’s first introduction to your organization and the beginning of a good, or bad, candidate experience. It’s all about helping the job seeker find what they are looking for – linking them quickly to information or a job description. Fortunately, Google has expanded the options for search marketers enabling them to provide a better experience and in turn, improve results.

  • Callout extensions are a line of additional text highlighting information that would not necessarily be included in the ad copy, such as benefits, shifts or locations.
  • Structured snippets are similar to the callouts in that they provide an additional line of copy. The snippets need to fall within one of Google’s predefined headers.
  • Reviews enable the advertiser to include a quote or paraphrase a review of their workplace from a site like or
  • Sitelinks are ad extensions that allow you to include more links to different pages across your website or jobs within your ATS.
  • Message extensions include a link to a number that can receive text messages and call extensions link to a voice phone number.

The investment in Google Ad Extensions turns a basic ad – one that may not get noticed – into a highly targeted, responsive solution. Turn to Fusion Marketing to create highly effective Google paid search advertising to bring in the talented professionals your organization is struggling to obtain.

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