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An effective and efficient solution for healthcare recruitment.

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We know what works…

Our proven approach to organizing and promoting healthcare hiring events will work within any budget and for large scale or smaller clinical hiring needs. Ongoing research with healthcare professionals enables us to fine tune our approach. It’s the only true evidence-based recruitment event solution available. We start by talking to RNs to learn more about what makes a great hiring event.

An Effective Recruitment Solution

Consider these results

Over 40% of attendees were offered jobs on the spot

And it won’t blow your budget

Event cost per hire was under $100


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of RNs are likely to attend open houses to cast a broader net to find job opportunities.

Open houses
offer candidates:

Face-to-face conversation
Immediate Feedback



When & Where



Staffing the Event


Hiring Managers

Candidate Experience


Internal Promotion


Pre-event Promotion

Event Signs

Employee Referral Tie In

ATS Job Posting


External Promotion

Career Website

Event Landing Page


Personalized Invitations

Social Media

Search Advertising

Email & Direct Mail

Candidate Re-engagement


Post Event

Results Analysis

Event Recap

Recommendations for continual improvement

Follow up with non-attendees

Case Studies

1. Efficient –  Fusion’s targeted approach results in qualified candidates so your hiring managers don’t waste time. At an RN hiring event for Martin Health over 60% of attendees were hired!

2. Effective We know what works. Our turnkey program has proven results and is continually updated and improved.

3. Unique – Each program has a unique creative theme that is distinctive and connects with the audience. It’s a turnkey program that is customized for every event – no cookie cutter templates!

4. Complete – From planning, to promoting internally and externally, and evaluating the results, the program includes everything you need for a successful event. The Event Summary enables you to document and share your success internally.


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